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Judge hands $10,000 fine to P2P lawyer

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Summarizes conduct of lawyer as "staggering chutzpah." Last September, Texas lawyer Evan Stone filed suit against 670 file sharers that he (and Mick Haig Productions, whom he was representing) accused of sharing a German adult film called Der Gute Onkel. He asked the court for permission to take out early discovery. Judge David Godbey refused to grant permission, and brought in the ...

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HAHAHA...but he should face the kinds of insane fines that he would be facing if he had shared a few MP3s online at least...$10K is nothing to someone like that.

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"Stone sent a subpoena after a Judge had withdrew permission to do so."

My, My ! This from a so called English speaking country !

Shouldn't it be "Stone sent a subpoena after a Judge had WITHDRAWN permission to do so."

or simply

"Stone sent a subpoena after a Judge withdrew permission to do so."

BTW the right thing to do would be to disbar the lawyer forever!
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