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Metro style IE in Windows 8 goes plug-in free

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With all the big announcements coming out of Microsoft this week in conjunction with their BUILD developer conference, perhaps none is bigger than the accompanying changes to Internet Explorer 10. Windows 8 users will have two different interface options for IE 10 - the standard desktop version and a new Metro style version. In addition to the use of Metro, this new variant of IE is also ...

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Pure genius! I guess they figure they ought to be leading the parade.
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Originally posted by Mez:
Pure genius! I guess they figure they ought to be leading the parade.
I don't think so... MS confirmed few days ago that IE10 will not support flash.
I know they are leading the parade over a cliff and the parade will be a very small one. I guess they want to see just how they rate in the web world. My guess is not much.
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