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Internet entrepeneur sues CNET for distributing P2P software

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As the entertainment industry pushes for legislation to punish sites for profiting from others' copyright infringement, they may be getting a first hand look from the other side. A coalition led by producer, director, and digital distribution entrepeneur Alki David is suing CBS Interactive and CNET. CBS has owned CNET since 2008. The plaintiffs claim CNET's operation of download sites ...

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WHAT THE FUCK!? This Nonsense is getting outta control
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"Cable thief is a victimless crime."
That's great...once PROTECT IP goes through, this guy is going to have a lot of lawsuits going...

I'd be really surprised that CNet has put out videos showing P2P being used to get illegal content. They've certainly talked about P2P being used to get legal content such as Linux distros, but they're always VERY careful about not showing how it could be used to get illegal content.

There's no new legal issue here. This has been talked about on CNet podcasts such as BOL when the Grokster case was being decided. It's just legal spam.
Did I mention this thing about Rome burning a couple of forums back? You can't keep people from sharing information. Although the information being shared will always be disputed as to whether it 'should' be shared, free will can't be turned off.

I smell dissension coming again and it ain't going to be pretty.

P2P distribution is one of the reasons why Linux can be had for free.

There is one major redeeming value in file transfer by Torrent. For instance if I wish to send my wedding video file to my brother living overseas I can do it by running private torrent host available to him alone. This is the ONLY sure shot way of getting an absolutely uncorrupted file.

What the recipient gets is EXACTLY what the torrent creator included in the torrent.
you people are dumb and you need to look whole picture of pipa/sopa will take away everything you hold dear to you. such as youtube, facebook, yahoo, etc... what will you guys do when the bill passes? you can't start a small business because pipa/sopa won't allow it and your freedom of speech is gone to so enjoy your final days on free internet while still can.
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