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Leaked video suggests a unified Windows for desktops, tablets and phones

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Although the Windows Phone platform unquestionably represented a quantum leap forward in Microsoft mobile technology, underneath its slick interface and app support beats the heart of an outdated OS. While iOS was developed from OS X and Android from Linux, Windows Phone 7 was built from an already dated platform called Windows CE. Starting with an existing mobile OS allowed Microsoft ...

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"... a Windows 8 tablet will likely succeed (or fail) based on how it compares to a Windows desktop. Features which may be essential for a Windows tablet could simply be bloat on a Windows smartphone."

This statement is what I completely agree with. Personally, tablets are very much trivial for me. The only tablet that seems remotely useful to me is the Asus Transformer with the sliding keyboard. Downside, it's running android with no full-blown MS Office for professional and/or academic necessity.

However, If a similar (preferable sleeker) tablet like the Transformer slider would run a full-blown Windows environment with MS Office and all the other stuff, a tablet could finally -- once and for all -- replace laptops for businessmen and college students alike, instead of just being a glorified smartphone.
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There is going to be a windows 8 tablet because if you look at the free download of the windows 8 developers version 8150 you will notice it has a lot of tablet functionality the draw back current tablets won't use it because windows 8 now requires a 2.4 ghx processor and 1 ghz of ram
Too late.
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