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Microsoft defends Windows 8 walled garden for ARM

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In a new blog post about WOA (Windows On ARM) Steven Sinofsky said user's will be limited to running software distributed by Microsoft. Sinofsky heads Microsoft's Windows and Windows Live Division. This revelation comes in the wake of speculation about whether WOA would be limited to the new Metro UI and why they won't let users turn off Secure Boot on ARM tablets. Metro UI is the touchscreen ...

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"And perhaps there's another obstacle they aren't considering. With the power and performance improvements Intel has made to their Atom processors, we could see x86 tablets which have all the capabilities of WOA devices, but can also deliver the Windows experience people have come to expect.

Before they can compete with the iPad, Microsoft may lose to themselves."

Exactly. I know I'm not alone in my decision to not drop a bunch of money on a tablet because I personally view it as a glorified smart-phone. If I'm going to spend $300+ on a tablet, I'm going to want some semblance of the functionality of a PC Windows OS. Microsoft proves to be its own worst enemy again by killing what could have been the answer many of us tablet-naysayers were looking for.
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"Obviously installing another OS on a WOA tablet would require a lot of development work. But implying it's not possible is simply dishonest. We've already seen it happen with the ongoing project porting Android to the HP TouchPad."

This is not quite the same comparison as the HP touchpad is not WOA

"More importantly, he avoids talking about the other impact of Secure Boot. It blocks the easiest path for bypassing WOA's software installation control. It's exactly what Secure Boot is designed to prevent, except that it's assumed to be done on behalf of the user, not the OS vendor."

I am not usually critical of grammar, particularly with the authors of the articles. No offense, but this paragraph is convoluted almost to the point of not making sense. I had to read this several times and still cannot figure out what point you are trying to make.


So clearly Windows 8 on ARM is NOT for me.

And oh, am I the only one offended when he calls these things... "PC's"?

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?
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Originally posted by ThePastor:
So clearly Windows 8 on ARM is NOT for me.

And oh, am I the only one offended when he calls these things... "PC's"?
Your not the only one, on a PC you at least have some choice of the software installed especially if you build it yourself. Tablets simply don't compare in computing power or options.
Are the days of building your own machine and installing your choice of operating systems and software coming to an end? Now I guess I'm just talking silly, why would these big corporations want that?
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