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Over 2 million people streamed the Super Bowl online on Sunday

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Citing data from measurement firms Omniture and mDialog, NBC says 2.1 million people streamed Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI. The game, between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, also set the record for most watched TV event in U.S. history, beating last year's Super Bowl. An average total of 111.3 million people watched the game at any given time. At 2.1 million, the game ...

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The Super Bowl is definitely the catalyst of American culture, and in many ways, is symbolic of our culture's relationship with technology at that given moment. This year, the multiple-device viewing experience dominating Super Bowl watching. Viewers were invited to watch the Super Bowl on their televisions, stream the game on their laptops/desktops, Tweet their reactions on their mobile phones, and watch the Coca Cola polar bears on their tablets. Television is no longer simply staring at a screen - it has become a completely immersive experience.

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Mosaic Technology
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