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Windows 8 Metro gets a new logo

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Microsoft has revealed a new logo today for Windows 8, one that features a single-color design and will be based on the Metro user interface. The new logo has an angled window, which Microsoft says will give a sense of motion "aligning with the fast and fluid style you'll find throughout Windows 8." Design consultants Pentagram came up with the new look, and the firm wanted to move ...

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Dont care how it looks..HOW well does it function?
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Sill not convinced to buy it......Try harder, Microsoft.
the whole metro tile system looks like it was made for monkeys.
Originally posted by palwill:
the whole metro tile system looks like it was made for monkeys.
Yep they are pretty much dumbing down the OS with each new iteration. And I thought Windows 7 was bad.
ugly logo
I wont judge until its finally released in its full form
looks like an updates windows 1.0 logo to me
Originally posted by david94:
looks like an updates windows 1.0 logo to me
That is what I thought. Until I saw the time line, I knew I saw the logo before. Guess what is old is new again. Maybe like the GUI and frustration from 1.0 or even 3.0.
Great, a blase' design taking up a maximum amount of space with a aqua blue color reminiscent of the similar blue/green I see used all over Korean advertisements.

I'm with everyone else. This had better be a solid release, with respectable operation or all hell is going to break loose again.

Now they just need to add a new DirectX version for it that won't be available for previous versions to make gamers upgrade.

Seriously, though, I hope they at least keep the registry setting to disable the horrific MetroUI. And as I've mentioned before, PLEASE put a true XP Classic mode in, as it totally sucks in Vista/7.
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