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Lenovo to be first with Windows 8 tablet?

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Even though Dell recently announced they would be releasing a business tablet running Windows 8 the "exact day" the operating system is released, it appears the company will have some immediate competition. The Verge says Lenovo will have a tablet running the upcoming OS on the same day, which they internally believe to be in mid-October. Most speculate the device will be the 13.3-inch ...

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This looks very reminiscent of the first tablet PCs I first got back in 2005-6 for an engineering department I was working for. Those were IBM as well & they worked great on XP.

Personally, this looks like one of those. Put a SSD, a slim optical on it & I have a great laptop again.

I can't help but reiterate my angst with Windows 8 & the hopes that they don't step on their johnson.

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This might be doable as a tablet. Might be the thing that gets me in... Still, Price point is everything.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?
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