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Sean Parker: Spotify will overtake iTunes in two years

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Sean Parker, former Facebook president and founder of Napster, has claimed today that Spotify will overtake iTunes in two years due to the store's "slowness." Speaking at SXSW, Parker says the unlimited streaming service is much more capable of bringing in revenue for the record companies than Apple is. Parker has also invested $15 million in Spotify. Spotify, which was wildly popular ...

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Unlikely. At the rate songs are deleted from spotify, in two years there'll be none left...

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Sorry I dont see anyone competing with Apple any time soon.....But hey good luck!
I disagree with this article, they are two different business models that are only in indirect competition with each other.

Spotify is a music on demand service

Itunes is an online retailer or an e-trailer
I hope someone has a recording of him saying that to mockingly play back to him in 2 years.
Originally posted by sammorris:
Unlikely. At the rate songs are deleted from spotify, in two years there'll be none left...
Pretty much this. I don't think the industry will allow them to take over.
I agree with everyone here. Spotify and iTunes are different in many ways and Spotify's game of deleting songs for no apparent reason is getting really old, really fast. I have a Premium Spotify account, but I still buy music from iTunes, because I don't want to lose my songs/playlists when I disable/delete my Spotify account.

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