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Introducing the Xbox 360 special edition Chrome series controllers

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Microsoft has announced the launch of its Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series Wireless Controllers. The controllers will be available in Blue, Red and Silver and also "feature the transforming D-pad." Each controller will retail for $55 and go on sale on May 15th. Microsoft says there are more details available at In the U.S., the different colors will ...

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i must admit, i want this for ps3
and amazon will sell all colors lol

Being nice always has its own consequences
Who gives a F*K!!!!!!!
With crap like this, they must be nearing the end of the 360 life cycle. Imagine cleaning that thing.
Silver for me
They are nearing the end with 360's 2013 will be a new generation so they say.

Those are cool looking controllers but the next thing you'll hear from people that by them is, there smug from finger prints and show dust, just like the piano black glossy monitors.
Yeah, mine get pretty nasty and require a good cleaning every couple months or so. I cannot imagine the junk you would see reflected on these. Silver for me too. But not for $55. I recently picked up one of those new transforming dpad spec ed controllers. Nothing like a new fresh controller. I don't get the whole transforming dpad though.

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