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Lumia 900 has $209 worth of materials

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According to IHS iSuppli, the Nokia Lumia 900 costs has $209 cost of materials, making it one of the cheaper smartphones to build on the market. The cost of materials does not include about $8 for manufacturing and R&D costs. AT&T sells the Lumia 900 for $49-$99 depending on where you purchase it (with contract) and $450 off-contract. Says IHS: "For the Lumia 900, Nokia and Microsoft ...

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Sounds like a quality phone, I'd love to pick one up on the cheap.

Had WinMo 7 on my HD2 and besides some unoptimized driver issues (because its an HD2), it was great. Loved the UI, and I wanna see continued development.

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Kind of late to the party.

Good luck guys.
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