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Kinect-controlled Internet Explorer coming to Xbox 360

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Microsoft finally bringing full browser to console. The Verge cites sources who inform it that Microsoft is working on a version of Internet Explorer 9 for the Xbox 360 console. The full browser lets Xbox 360 users finally surf the web using the console, which is a feature that has been a long time coming. According to the sources, Microsoft has integrated Kinect voice and gesture ...

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I still cannot comprehend why there was never a browser for the system in the first place.

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For the same reason when Sony finally came to their senses,get rid of the gimmicky bloated garbage & concentrate on what the unit was made for "video games" & lets face it do "YOU" really need another console with a web browser. re:your sig,i can't view the pics i've run out of bb width so loading will take too long however i assume the ps2 has one,christ! dialup speed is frak'n painfull i'd forgotten how slow it was,no matter only anther 3 days till reset yippee

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to use this must have xbox live gold ... make sense since if the browser is free then no need to buy gold to use their apps which you need gold
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