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Assaulting a Nokia Lumia 900 with a hammer and nails

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Please stop doing that! There have been some questions raised about the strength of the glass used on some smartphones. Nokia wanted to show the strength of the "Gorilla Glass" on the front of the Lumia 900 handset, using a hammer and some nails. The guy in the video first uses the hammer to smack some nails against the screen, and then uses the handset itself as a hammer to push the ...

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haha he answered the phone call
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somehow i get the feeling that wouldnt let me try that at my local phone shop.

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Someone should try keeping it in their pocket with change while driving on a gravel road...that's how I got a surface scratch on mine. Dropping it face down from 8 feet onto rough concrete? No issues.

Finally a reason to buy a Windows phone.
They should ship it with an optional handle.
^ Good One ;)
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