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Chrome now the most popular browser on Earth

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According to the latest figures by StatCounter, Google's Chrome browser is now the most popular in the world, knocking Internet Explorer from the throne after more than a decade. For the week ended May 20th, Chrome took first, just edging out IE and gaining more share on rival Firefox. In the U.S., IE is still the big dog, and in Europe, Firefox is king. However, in Asia and South America, Chrome ...

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Does that include chrome mobile on android? That could be a significant boost.
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I tend to take StatCounter's figures with a grain of salt, but it's good to see IE plummeting. :-P

And McDonald's is the most popular restaurant on Earth. And Coca-Cola is the most popular beverage on Earth.
And yet I know NO ONE that uses or has Chrome on their computer. I'm in IT day in/day out so I think this is B.S. Chrome is such a crappy and often incompatible browser. Only techno morons actually choose this lame option.
Personally I love Chrome. At my place of business we have over 300 PC's all loaded with Chrome. Haven't had any issues with incompatibility yet. Maybe that's because it's only been a year since we've had Chrome installed. LOL.

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