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Chrome for Android now out of beta

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Google has announced that its popular Chrome browser has come out of beta for Android devices. The browser was launched in beta back in February, and it was updated earlier this month to be more stable. The update also brought a number of performance tweaks. If you don't already have it, the app is available in the Google Play Store and is about 20MB. You will need Android 4.x or higher. ...

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I thought they should have put the Chrome browser in the Android ecosystem for awhile now. The Chrome brand is a very well known as well as respected and makes a much better fit than the generic Android browser. Although I own an iPhone, I was pretty happy to hear about the upgrade because I might get the Nexus 7 to tinker around with.
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Using it now works well and of course works well with other google platforms (like shared bookmarks etc)

Keep your head up, keep alert, and don't let them take you by suprise.
it's ok but it won't have flash support ever.
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