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Mozilla reveals Firefox OS

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Mozilla has announced that its upcoming mobile operating system will be simply called "Firefox OS" and launch in Brazil in 2013. After the initial release, the U.S. will see devices running the OS, thanks to a partnership with Sprint. Firefox OS is HTML5-based and will be a completely open mobile ecosystem, says the company: "The introduction of the open mobile OS continues the ...

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ZTE and TCL wow I am already excited </sarcasm>

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Apple will soon file a suit against them claiming that they invented mobile phone OSs and seek to block the devices from being sold. If that dosnt work then they'll try suing them just having a UI


At least they're stickin' it to the Brazilians and 3rd world countries.
I'm glad to see Mozilla coming out with their own mobile operating system.....I wonder how much progress they're making on their PC-based operating system.....
interesting stuff :D
I can't see this going anywhere great, fast.

If it's like the firefox beta updates it'll just piss people off big time.

I've got the beta of firefox and it pisses me off with the amount of updates they had 3 last week is it's 15.3 or something now.

It's like they are just trying to have the highest version number almost every update is a major version, no add-on makers could ever expect to keep up with the amount of beta releases of the web browser so I don't know how the OS will fair.
It's a tough game they choose...simply being better than android and iOS isn't enough, as Nokia can tell you. You need massive support from both manufacturers and app writers, plus you need to get a userbase that likes it enough to sell it to their friends. That's assuming it is any good to begin with too. Android and iOS suck, but they do the job for most people.

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