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Mozilla to halt all development on Thunderbird email client

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Mozilla has confirmed today that it will be halting development on its popular free email client, Thunderbird. While there won't be any new features, Mozilla says it will continue to support the software indefinitely. "We have come to the conclusion that continued innovation on Thunderbird is not the best use of our resources given our ambitious organizational goals," Thunderbird Managing ...

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Ah so TB 20 soon to be released desu?

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This is bullshit. I Love TB and use it everyday. Its everything I need for my own personal emails. ... It might not be so good for the corporate world but for my use, it's perfect.

Carpe Noctem
I love TB, so what are we supposed to use now? A paid version?? That sucks loads.
Originally posted by star299:
I love TB, so what are we supposed to use now? A paid version?? That sucks loads.
they said you could use it for ever.they are not going to take it away from works great just like it is.
Something else will come along from someone else to replace it -- until then, it works fine as-is for me.
OMG, people. Read the release. They are only stopping continued development on TB. I'm presuming of course that means new features. They are still supporting bug fixes and the like.

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