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Firefox OS screenshots

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Screenshots have leaked of Mozilla's new mobile operating system, which is set for release next year. For the time being, the OS will launch in Brazil and the rest of Latin America, but a European launch may be the cards, as well. Mozilla claims that the mobile OS will be faster (and lighter) than anything currently on the market, including Android and iOS, the market leaders. The ...

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Screenshots have leaked
No they haven't. These are Screenshots from the development build they've released...
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Looks nice and I am sure it will work just as good if not better then IOS and Android. The only downfall is they are so late to the party, and I think that is going to hurt them big time. Until they have almost all the apps Android and IOS have tons of people will not be getting FF OS phones anytime soon. Now what would be cool is if carriers let you choose an OS, and maybe even go back and forth between FF OS and Android.
So what to expect from news involving "Firefox OS" over the next year or so then? Apple sue Mozilla for some ridiculous infringement claim?

This probably won't be around in 5 years, at least in countries that can afford real smartphones/devices.

I really like this project. I think it's very clever to develop a mobile OS based on HTML5. It will simplify the creation of new apps and, of course, porting existent ones.

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doesnt look bad
If this is a build that could simply and easily be put on to most phones with very little trouble, then this could be a cool "Upgrade" for older phones.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?
I'm thinking it'll get killed due to silly updates & their numbering SNAFU. Other than that, I would readily take this on a pay-as-you-go phone; taking into consideration the apps would work in accordance.

I wonder how much progress Mozilla is making on their desktop OS Boot2Gecko......
firefox os 2.0 is coming out tomorrow
Originally posted by Hopium:
firefox os 2.0 is coming out tomorrow
Oh lord the mighty damn... It's starting already...
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Unfortunately for Firefox, I see this going down in a fiery ball of foxy flames. It should at least be interesting to see how they market this... lol I'm surprised no one else has noticed (or at least commented) that the Evernote and Angry Birds icons are reversed. Or rather, that the notification titles are.
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