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HTC coming with large screen, large resolution smartphone soon?

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According to Digitimes, HTC is preparing a 5-inch smartphone for September or October. The device will feature a huge 1794x1080 pixel display and will become the company's flagship. There was nothing else revealed about the phone, although it is sure to have a quad-core processor and LTE support. With a screen of that size, HTC will be competing against Samsung and their Galaxy ...

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I knew HTC wouldn't stay out of the game when they saw Samsung's sales numbers. I went to the Note I717 from my beloved HD2 after the touchscreen stopped working, love the NOTE! First smartphone was an HTC though, and if it's Windows, I might have to go back to HTC!

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ok, why dont we just duct tape yoru IPADS to your head. thats about how big the phones are getting lol. The galaxy note. is about perfect. any bigger, and noones really gonna want one.

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