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Asus shows off Vivo Windows 8 tablets

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Asus has unveiled their first Windows 8 tablets, the Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab RT. In development, the two devices were knows as Asus Tablet 600 and Tablet 810, so the new names are certainly a step up. The Vivo Tab has an 11.6-inch IPS+ display with 1366x768 resolution. The display offers a 10-point multitouch and has a Wacom digitizer and an included stylus makes drawing and taking notes ...

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I certainly wouldn't want the Atom but the quad core might be worth waiting for, and maybe a better choice then going with the JB Android's right now.
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I have been reading up on power saving features of various Intel CPUs for the desktop. Apparently "i3 2100T" does a far better job than an Atom.
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