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Nokia unveils new Lumia flagships

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Nokia has used their press event today to unveil two new flagships, the Lumia 820 and 920. As rumored, the new devices will come with new features like wireless charging, and "true offline" navigation, as well as the new Windows Phone 8 operating system. Jo Harlow, EVP at Nokia, introduced the phones today at the press event in NYC. Adds Harlow: "We've taken several steps in the last ...

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Looks like Microsoft finally "caught up". I was expecting it to take longer for them to release phones like this. That phone looks really nice too, but I'm still happy with my HTC One S...for now.
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T-Mobile will probably only get the low end device again.
wireless charging, and 13% stock down for nokia lumia 920
Hmmm seems the 920 is fake...?

(Nokia apologise for 'faked' Lumia 920 smartphone advert)

the AD is fake not the phone.

true ad is fake not phone
Lumia 920 is awesome that's it.
As i read will come first for AT&T.
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