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Asus Windows 8 tablets to cost up to $1299?

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It appears that Asus has already decided to price itself out of the Windows 8 tablet market, in a move that makes little sense. A leaked holiday roadmap shows the company has three Windows 8 tablets ready to go, starting at $599 and headed up to $1299 for a hybrid. Check the impressive (but expensive) tablets here (via ZDnet): Asus will likely have issues selling the devices, ...

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It's as if they don't even want to sell them.
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I agree. Why I would want the Atom version, when the Surface Pro will have an i5 at roughly the same price point or less, is beyond me. I also have difficulty seeing the use for the "Taichi" model; I never had many problems sharing files between two users on the same machine, myself (and how many laptops/tablets have more than one user, anyhow?) or between two separate PCs (how would having 2 panels make THAT any easier?).

What a lack of vision.

If companies will price the Windows 8 tabs aggressively, they can knock the iPad off its perch.

It's moronic moves like this that have established a market that is Apple and the also-rans. Hopefully Microsoft will show 'em how it's done with the Surface. Unfortunately, the Zune history doesn't give us lots of reason for optimism about Microsoft's hardware marketing strategy.
Hopefully Microsoft will show 'em how it's done with the Surface.
Microsoft is really between a rock and a hard place. If they manage to cripple the competition, the Department of Justice will start in on them again about their monopolistic practices, but if they don't compete they'll continue to follow just behind everyone else.

In their defense they've got a pretty tenuous juggling act to perform.

Ignorance en masse is still ignorance.
Beautiful but Xpensive .,like the idea of USB port.
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