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Nokia Lumia 820, 920 priced in Europe

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Nokia has announced the pricing and availability of the Lumia 820 and 920 in certain European nations. The Windows Phone 8 devices are the new flagships for the company, as it fights to remain relevant in the smartphone market. In Germany and Italy, the price is 499 euros for the 820 and 649 for the 920. The devices will go on sale on November 12th, available in at least four color ways. ...

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Um... the 920 does not have microSD.
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So true no micro sd the 920 is 32Gbytes but is the best choice.I wonder how much will cost in USA and how much will be with two years contract.
A new feature is City Lens, an augmented reality piece of software that overlays details about nearby points of interest or businesses onto the phones display - providing information including reviews, ratings and contact information for nearby shops or restaurants at a glance.

If I recall correctly this was already in the first gen Samsung tabs...
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