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Nokia VP leaves company without word

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One of Nokia's most senior executives has abruptly left the company, without word or statement from Nokia. VP of product marketing Ilari Nurmi was in charge of the company's entire smartphone strategy. It remains unknown why the executive left after 15 years with little more than a Tweet. The move follows Nokia's recent launch of the Lumia 820 and 920, flagship Windows Phone 8 devices, ...

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We might have a floater here...? Bad bonus negotiations, they want new blood on the creative team & tempers got heated then feelings got hurt?

Hell, anything could have happened including alien abduction at this point. Seeing as their ad campaign for this release was run like a story for Bat Boy in one of our tabloids, I'm betting on something just shy of catastrophic.
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woah bad way
My God.After 15y left the company but want the NOKIA LUMIA 920?
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