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Apple must re-write Samsung apology within 48 hours

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Apple's non-apology was not compliant with court order. The iPad-maker did add a page explaining that a UK court had ruled that Samsung did not infringe on the design of Apple's tablet PC, with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, reading the message that Apple posted, you would get an impression of mockery rather than an apology. Apple also went as far as to mention court orders in other ...

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lol 14 days? Really gotta take your time scrounging up that fake apology huh? Get to work.
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Finally. A judge that doesn't lick Apple's apples. Listen, if they would have posted a proper apology, then fine... but Apple basically just repeated that 'the court' found that Samsung didn't infringe on any patents. That's a backhanded apology and if I did that when I was a kid, I'd get slapped in the face by my mom for being disingenuous.

Same here dj. I would have been smacked upside the head and told that's not the proper way to apologize. On topic, crApple's smugness seems to know no bounds. Their attitude appears to be: "Yeah, the British courts ruled against us, but it doesn't really matter because courts in several other countries ruled in our favor. So big deal."
that is because the judge is a droid fan lol he hates apple lmao
chefdamo, how do you know?
Originally posted by ddp:
chefdamo, how do you know?

Since that's the same thinking Apple haters use when Apple ISN'T being punished???
Originally posted by chefdamo:
that is because the judge is a droid fan lol he hates apple lmao
15 year old fanboy.
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Michael Beloff QC, representing Apple, told the Judges that Apple felt it complied with the order, and also commented that Apple was being made grovel.
Apple being made to grovel? I actually feel sorry for them...
Im sorry but Im fed up of seeing you two companies bickering at each other every damn week, grow the hell up.

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They started it...
Judge should demand to know the specific individual(s) who put together this joke of an apology and fine them personally. He should also disbar those who might be lawyers. That will teach them that they are not playing in the stupid US joke of court.
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