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EA responds to FIFA 13 criticisms

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EA insists it is addressing concerns. The BBC's Watchdog program and website report on instances where consumers have complained about a product or service. Watchdog turned its eyes on EA Sports, after receiving a flurry of complaints from gamers who were having very bad experiences trying to play FIFA 13. The title has already sold four million copies since it launched in September, ...

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TheBeatles Unverified new user
Dear EA. the particular issue in Career Mode freezing has been going on since the game was released. this past week i can no longer play my career mode because the game freezes at the same spot every time. I think its clear that you released a beta version of FIFA 13 and just labeled at as your final product. some pretty disgusting moves to pull. but in the end you are EA....
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luke2 Unverified new user
Ridiculous! It didnt take me 1000 hours to find out the game didnt work! Really?
Now you sold 4 mil copies and let 4 mil people down!
Funny the psp version was hacked cracked able to get online without any issues the console versions freeze crash and are worthless good job EA
I've had trouble with the PC version of BF3. Many others have also. It's the last EA game I'll buy. I thought about getting a FIFA game, guess I won't.
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I feel sorry for people who don't drink, when they get up in the morning that's as good as their going to feel all day.
officerleng Unverified new user
This is ridiculous!!! I cant buy a single player for my team without it freezing my xbox, takes the P**s! Your update has had little effect on my game as it still freezes
Ok, so just because EA have sold 4.5million copies of the game in the first week alone that means there is no problem? Idiots, I had trouble with Crysis 2 and the Dedication achievement not unlocking and you didn't want to know about that either. I sometimes wonder why you have a 'technical' team or is it just for PC types only? To hell with Xbox 360 and PS3 owners??
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In addition, our game goes through a rigorous, year-long testing process
That's pretty impressive for a game that is annually updated. A year to write plus a year to test, yet they fit all that into 12 months. Does that mean EA have patented time compression?

It also doesn't matter how long it's tested for, if the testers are incompetent fools, being told to "ignore bugs that can be fixed after launch", by incompetent management. I spent 26 years watching the idiots rise to the top of the pond, and turn everything below into a sludge of ignorance and arrogance.

I said years ago, that it was about time developers and publishers were held accountable, for the contemptuous attitude they have towards paying customers. If they insist on releasing half finished products, that they think they can fix at their leisure, then they should be made to compensate buyers.

Half the time, they'll just say "we'll fix it next year, in the next version". How many other industries would get away with that philosophy? I think this is fantastic action by Watchdog, let's hope this sets a precedent for things to come.
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sgtbil Unverified new user
my greif is u buy the gamae the gold packs to improve your game ,then a (fan) comes alont with the worst team in the world an beats u , also lagswitching cheats they have the ball game runs ok u get the ball the game stops starts and judders when u confront theese cheats they just laugh at you , and its annoying how ultimate team is always offline.
EA is a poison to gaming. Their business practices and pressuring the devs to meet unrealistic deadlines means lower quality games, period.

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Mazacar Unverified new user
Hi Fifa and Ea,
For some reason, on my fifa 13, when I have done an achievement such as "Bronzed", the achivement for starters doesn't come up with it completed and I cannot seem to be able to get the achievemnt points after completing an achievement.
I know i have done the achievement due to completing all the bronze stages of skill games as well as other achievements and also watching others get their points from doing the same achievement.
why is this and how can i get the achievement points??
Please read Unverified new user
First of all there needs to be more international like why isn't there Japan or Iraq there both the best soccer teams of Asia this needs to improve add lots of teams like in fifa 10 World Cup
Please read, iraq is not part of asia.
Tim90 Unverified new user
The fifa gold pack are so not worth the money u spend I have spent 500 and had a load of crap from them the game is a rip off!!
why does my goal keeper let in every single goal when he has an overall of 84 when a bronze keeper at the other end saves every shot i take with my all gold team i need an awnser.
Liam1986 Unverified new user
I can't advance on my career because it crashes when I try to sign a player! Help!
tbull1 Unverified new user
Fifa 13 has to many problems.
the defending is terrible, its to easy to get past defenders and really hard to dispossess their attack! half the time my pass goes to the wrong player or straight to my opponent and when im attacking, even though i direct it its like they enjoy giving it to the CB at the half way line and its really frustrating because of the number of goals i concede due to this! Also its like they focused on the attacking aspect of the game and forgot about the defending. And why does it keep disconnecting me from the servers? And why does my career mode keep freezing at the same point?! When this happens i have to restart my ps3 and it says my ps3 wasn't turned off properly so it has to check and restore my file system.. everytime! seriously did you just throw an unfished game on the shelves? this game cost me 50 pound (plus what i've spent on ultimate team packs) and its defiantly not worth it. im tempted to try PES but how do i know there developers aren't money grabbing c***s aswell with a way below par game. i've bought every fifa game since 2000 and fifa 13 has wound me up the most. fuck you EA i won't be buying anymore of your games.
wookie1 Unverified new user
Originally posted by ddp:
Please read, iraq is not part of asia.
ummm so which continent would it be part of then? is the middle east on some other planet or some continent ive never heard of? how about iraq is just as asian as the chinese. the israelis too. asia is a BIG place. big big big.
SAMT123 Unverified new user
MattyW Unverified new user
Absolutely hate Fifa 13. I've just completely wasted my money on this. The menus are ridiculous to navigate and my favourite part of the game has been removed whereby I can use my virtual pro offline in Manager Career mode. Why!?? ...So I thought I'd try to use my Virtual Pro in Player Career and I get subbed after 50 minutes and have no say in anything. Great one EA, ever heard of the saying don't fix what isn't broken?
I haven't really played the actual game that much yet, but from what I have played, it feels like I'm controlling Bambi on ice and it's ridiculous trying to regain possession when it's been lost. Genuinely angry with this, I have loved Fifa since 09, but this one is just awful.
The4thmilbuyer Unverified new user
Okay, it's time to go back to PES 2013
whyyouno Unverified new user
The kid probably followed those free coins scams and got his players taken away. He was intending to hack the game by receiving free coins and they got him back. It's wrong for them to quick sell all his players but he shouldn't have been trying to hack in the first place.
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