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Samsung Galaxy S III overtakes iPhone 4S as best-selling phone

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Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III has overtaken Apple to become the best-selling smartphone in the world. For the Q3 2012, the Galaxy S III outsold the Apple iPhone 4S by a significant margin. Samsung saw 18 million sales compared to Apple's 16.2 million. That being said, however, Samsung's device is much newer than the 4S, and Apple was on the verge of releasing the iPhone 5, leading ...

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Yeah...a single phone of many from a single company of many making Androids outsold either of the two Apple time a single phone (the Note II) will probably outsell all Apple options combined.

So start hating on Samsung now . And now it's uncool to have s3 cause everyone has it including newbies

Hack a bit, invest a bit, work a bit, jerk a bit
i don't but then i don't have nor want a cell phone.
So when will the hating on Samsung begin? Nice achievement. Still, make it more android core and not have your overlay and bury the rest. JMHO.
I will start hating Samsung when they start behaving like jerks at Apple.

What I find strange is the behavior of employees at Apple franchisee stores. They behave like they are God's gift to the world and THEY developed and made the phones, personally!
they are extreme or fanatic fanboys.
Originally posted by ddp:
they are extreme or fanatic fanboys.
... and their religion is Fa***try.

Live Free or Die.
The rule above all the rules is: Survive !
Capitalism: Funnel most of the $$$ to the already rich.
As an S3 owner, i can say it really puts to shame every phone ive ever used.

- Enough power for a proper level 4.1 x264 high bitrate native 1080p decode (no transcode required, just stream off my nas)

- 4300Mah Battery upgrade gives me more runtime than usain bolt with a coffee addiction.

- oh and thanks to otg this can be done :-p

I could go on...

oh and the maps app actually knows where i am cough cough like some other os i could mention, mahahah :-p

And as for the iPhone 5 already reached 6 million sales in total since launch, ok how many days is that so far..? Didnt the SGS3 have like 9 million before it was released officially into the wild :
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