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Antivirus pioneer John McAfee wanted for murder in Belize

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According to Gizmodo, estranged antivirus pioneer John McAfee is wanted on murder charges in Belize. McAfee, who built the software giant with his own name, is accused of murdering American expatriate Gregory Paul, who was a popular builder in the nation. Paul was killed on Saturday night, says the site, adding: "The two men had been at odds for some time. Last Wednesday, Paul filed ...

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Another CBS 48 Hours mystery.......
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Originally posted by ivymike:
Another CBS 48 Hours mystery.......
Can't wait for the show
Note to self: "bath salts" may not be the wonder drug some have made them out to be.

At least he didn't eat the guy's face, I guess.
Oops, it looks like Johnny caught a "virus", he's been compromised!
Never liked McAfee anti-virus software anyway. Always screwed up my computer.
what,you mean you can do other things with bath salts other than soak in them?lol
hmmm, maybe someone killed his dog. If so, I would have to side with McAfee.

But true, I never liked the software either.
Lets hope the evidence is better than McAfee's Virus detection otherwise there will be a lot missed, many false positives, all while taking up too much resources.

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So McAfee murdered McAfeeAV?

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