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Google Store servers crashed as Nexus 4 sold out within minutes

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Earlier today, Google began selling its highly anticipated Nexus 10 tablet and Nexus 4 smartphone. Unfortunately, as I can attest, it seems Google was not as prepared as they should have been for such a major launch. Within minutes of the U.S. launch earlier this morning, would-be buyers were met with site errors, checkout errors, Google Wallet errors and timeouts, all before learning ...

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Yikes! I know your pain too well. Google handled this launch very poorly.

One, was no preorders whatsoever. That is a travesty.

Two, the very least they could do was announce a SET time for when they would unleash the flood gates. I realize a clusterphuck free for all would have slowed down their servers even more but at least everyone could've been prepared.

Lastly, people who signed up to be notified never got a notifcation, people who signed up should've gotten first dibs or something. Along with the limit being 6 nexus devices, 5 of them going to straight to ebay..

But luckily, I secured the N4 successfully after hitting refresh for about 30 minutes, you had to keep trying until it came back in stock because of cancelled orders. I hope Google learns a lesson from this and next time release an HTC nexus 5 like everyone wanted...

*end rant*

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Sold out in Canada's store too :( Shame.
I think it was a disaster, i tried all night put alarm on for it, even got to check out option, no luck! that made change my mind will try the Nexus 7 3G, i barely talk on the phone and use google voice for text, maybe couple calls through grooveip.
I learned not to expect to get Nexus on release day. Waiting couple weeks never sounded better.

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