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The new GTA V trailer is here with train crashes, dogfights and expensive cars

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As promised, Rockstar Games has released the new GTA V trailer today, including some intense action sequences. The game, which follows the story line of three main protagonists, is said to have a world two times bigger than Liberty City and San Andreas combined. In the trailer you get a small look into the story as well as the new vehicles including dirtbike races and fighter jets ...

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Can't Wait!!!
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Rockstar never let me down looks brilliant.
watched this on their fb damn cant wait!
As long as it becomes a toy after I'm finished with the game I'll be ecstatic.

Ignorance en masse is still ignorance.
I just wish they wouldn't have screwed over PC users! I wish they would release a PC version at launch.
Looks awesome I want I want :)

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hope its better than the last. How many times must we complete "Chase" missions?

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Stevie Wonder?
Looks good who is going to be the star in this game?
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