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Google and Dish to launch own wireless network?

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According to the WSJ, Google has been in talks with Dish Network to potentially begin offering a new wireless service that would rival major carriers like AT&T and Verizon. For now, the talks are preliminary and could lead nowhere, say the sources. Dish has supposedly spoken with multiple companies in recent times, with all discussions remaining in the exploratory stage. The satellite ...

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Hm. I wouldn't mind if the prices are competitive. I don't feel like paying $90/month for cell phone voice and data.
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Why is taking them so long?

drumutator Unverified new user
Originally posted by i1der:
Why is taking them so long?
The FCC, Verizon's spectrum partnership with comcast/twc/cox, and Sprint trying to obtain some of Dish's spectrum might have something to do with it.

The chairman of Dish said the government picks winners and losers all the time, maybe he's right or maybe he didn't "donate" enough to the right politician, lobbyist, or regulator.
ashraf adil Unverified new user
make it happen
Dish doesn't have The Walking Dead... 'No sale' here.

Originally posted by LordRuss:
Dish doesn't have The Walking Dead... 'No sale' here.
You're a bit behind the times.
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