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Is the Apple HDTV 'imminent'?

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Jefferies & Co. analyst James Kisner has noted today that he believes an Apple HDTV announcement is 'imminent.' Citing talks with cable industry sources, the analyst claims that at least one "is working to estimate how much additional capacity may be needed for a new Apple device on their broadband data network." Here is the full note (speaking about the prospects for company he is ...

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This is all just hype. There's absolutely no reason why Apple would alert Comcast and other ISPs to products which (unlike wireless providers and phones) require no special support on their part.

What's really going on is that these ISPs are well-aware that Netflix is 30% of their traffic. Given the likely wide adoption of an Apple "iTV", ISPs have to consider what a popular new device that streams video would do to their networks. Given that it takes years to plan and install huge bandwidth upgrades, you can't blame ISPs for doing these kinds of "what if" calculations.
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