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Nintendo Wii U gets proper teardown

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Just hours after launch, AnandTech has given the Nintendo Wii U a proper teardown. First off, the site says the hardware seems repair-friendly, with an easy to open chassis. That being said, there are a few delicate connections that are soldered together, however. Under the hood, the Wii U has 2GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, doubling the peak bandwidth of its predecessor, at 12.8GB/s. The ...

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and the game pad controller will see a large capacity battery coming out soon by nyko or some other third party company just wait because 5 hours of game time is not enough
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Even if it wasn't enough through 1 sit through; set it on the cradle and charge it as you use it.
Tablet's battery aside, sounds pretty solid. I'm glad to hear it.

It'll be outmoded by next year, but, still, sounds solid for what it is.

Oh wow you mean you can remove the memory?

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