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After years, AC/DC albums make their way to iTunes

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One of the remaining major holdouts has made their music available via iTunes. Rock band AC/DC has made all 25 albums available through the online digital download store, and you can also buy the tracks individually. In 2011, the band said they would not make their music available unless it was sold only as full albums, not a la carte. Back in 2008, the company said iTunes would likely ...

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Noth'n in that line up i need that i already don't have mind you i wouldn't mind getting some live dvd's with bon scott as front man,as for ring tones wtf it's easy to make your own

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Big deal. This stuff has been available digitally from non-authorized sources for years anyway. The only thing they did was lose potential profit by holding out. I remember J.K. Rowling doing something similar with harry potter. Missed out on millions by being stupid and not adapting to the future.
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I can see the arguments against using iTunes (mostly anti-Apple arguments), but the fact that some people still think that downloaded music is just a fad that is going away is downright amazing, especially when the recording industry still doesn't offer any kind of physical media more current than CDs.

I don't see their "expansive catalog anywhere on Google Music or Amazon MP3, so what gives on that? Not to say I would buy their albums, but you get my point anyways....

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