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Report: MySpace looking to reinvent itself as Spotify, Pandora rival

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According to Business Insider, MySpace is trying to raise $50 million in funding so it can re-invent itself as a rival to Pandora and Spotify. An ad company called Specific Media purchased MySpace from News Corp. for $35 million. In 2005, News Corp and its CEO Rupert Murdoch purchased the social network for $580 million. With the launch of Facebook, MySpace largely disappeared, outside ...

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I'd happily use MySpace if they'd bring iMeem back online.
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why not have artists allow their songs on the "myspace streaming service" just as they had the "myspace social network"? If it was good enough to be on the social site, make it available to stream.This would allow lesser known artists to be more readily available to users if they choose. That's why I like Jango for streaming. That would definitely be beneficial to artists and labels in the long run, but labels cannot look that far down the road.
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