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Mozilla kills off 64-bit Firefox

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Mozilla has killed the 64-bit version of Firefox before it ever became widely available. Engineering Manager Benjamin Smedberg posted the decision in a discussion thread titled "Turning off win64 builds." Smedberg did post the reasons, with most making sense (via TNW): Many plugins are not available in 64-bit versions. The plugins that are available don't work correctly in Firefox ...

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What about Waterfox? Its a 64 bit browser. Is is not associated with Mozilla Firefox? It appears to be.

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I'm sure FF64 will be back at some point in the future, but right now it is hardly a loss...I rarely have enough going in FF to use even 1GB of memory anyway.

FF is really a RAM killer. always make my laptop lagging. but i must use it to develope my site
FF is a ram killer i have 8gb and it goes past 1gb at times but yeah itll be back...
Yeah waterfox is using 500mb with only two tabs open,must be the plugins n stuff

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while my computer isnt new it isnt any slouch either and ive had a myriad of issues with firefox.ive stuck with firefox for years and the one time ive used chrome i was not impressed.well guess what.intstalled chrome about a month ago and stuck it out and got used to will take a lot to get me to use firefox again.
I too switched to chrome, as firefox even 32bit version was getting annoying with flash plug-ins etc. I realize that Adobe could be in part to blame, but I haven't experienced the same issues on either Chrome or IE 64bit. Still I haven't seen a perfect running browser in quite some time, they all have their issues so really I have to agree that this is no loss.
I had to switch to FF recently because Chrome isnt 64bit and since the new Java update, some of my live chat tech sites only work with 64bit browsers. This is gonna suck major time for me.

ahhhhh!!! cobras
Water fox FTW!!!!!!!!!!! A shame FF is the least efficient browser these days ;_;

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Ever since i started using SeaMonkey 4 years ago i haven't even bothered with another browser.

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Originally posted by DXR88:
Ever since i started using SeaMonkey 4 years ago i haven't even bothered with another browser.
havent looked at that one.i will check it out.
I like opera.

The people who are running FF are putting it into the ground the updates just kill so many plugins and by the time the plugins are updated the next version of FF is out.

I never really understood what the overall point of going to version 17 the beat is version 17b15 it gets updated almost 2-3 times a week.

I used the beta version of firefox last beta was crashing a fair bit after the last 2 updates it's not so bad, no plug in works on the beta it's updated way too much for that to happen, and the spell check update is utter crap chrome flogs it.

I guess they have stopped this so they can push out their firefox mobile OS out the door.

I do think fire fox has gone downhill for a real long time.
Mozilla killing it off likely BECAUSE Waterfox is better and 100 percent compatible with ALL plugins.

Waterfox rocks!
Seems like a clever decision...

What I want from developers of Firefox is this:
Pls develop FF 32 bit to its maturity ASAP...
Yes you have surpassed IE in version numbers (FF: 17 vs IE:9... :) ), but it is just that nothing more...

Waterfox is, on the other hand, good enough for me as a 64 bit browser to do whatever I want...
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