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LG Optimus G2 to feature 2GHz quad-core processor?

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A reliable Korean paper has reported on the alleged specs of next year's LG Optimus G2 flagship. The device will supposedly be released in May, the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S IV. On the spec side, the G2 will be incredible. It will feature a 1080p 5-inch LCD display with 440ppi and a powerful 2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon Prime processor along with 2GB RAM. Additionally, the ...

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Just might have to side with LG next spring...

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After spending the last year with a G2X and dealing with hardware bugs and updates that never come and then just being ignored in favor of whatever their newest phone is... i just don't trust LG anymore.
I don't like LG products either. Probably because they're some how once tied with that crap manufacturer Goldstar as LG stands for "Lucky Goldstar". To me........LG is mid-range products for people that either don't know better or can't afford higher quality.

Anyway....the year after this is released, they'll come out with a 2.5GHz, 3GB RAM, 4K Ultra HD upgradeable, 64GB Internal mem, 1080P 5.5 inch screen, 500 PPI, 6-core.

Why bother??????

Galaxy S3 will sufficiently last anyone for years to come regarding standard, practical cell phone use for 99.9% of all people.
Can i install an upgraded battery... doesnt look like it, meh stick with the s3 thanks
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