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Firefox adds Facebook Messenger

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Mozilla has announced their latest social initiative today, adding Facebook Messenger to Firefox. Says the browser maker: Today, we're excited to announce that Firefox is getting social with Facebook Messenger for Firefox, which is built on a new Social API for the Web. Firefox is the Web browser of choice for hundreds of millions of people worldwide and as social sites have become ...

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That is the last thing I would want on my browser. Why can they not leave the browser as it is with the needed updates instead of adding this junk to it. If it is not integrated into firefox then no problem.
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id be happier if they would just fix the glitches and make a browser that works.
Well, it does say you can "hide" it... Doesn't seem like it will screw the browser up or slow it down... Wonder what new tricks Chrome has (or will have) up it's sleeves after this goes viral?

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