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Nokia denies they plan to build Android phone

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Last week, Nokia posted an ad to LinkedIn, searching for an experienced senior software engineer with Linux experience. The ad claims the new employee will be working in a "startup environment" working on "exciting new products" for "future mobile phone technology." At the time, many took that to mean that Nokia may be looking to complement its Windows Phone lineup with Android devices, ...

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I can see N0k1a's obituary now... "N0k1a was strong, and resolute to the end. When it was clear Andro1d and app1e's iph0ne would own the market, N0k1a continued to suck up to m1cr0s0ft ph0ne..."

Can't say N0k1a isn't a loyal friend...

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Just a matter of time (6 months) before Nokia adds an Android KeylimePie phone and about a year before they dump Microsoft.
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