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IMAGiNE torrent release group member receives 40 months jail sentence

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Earlier this year, all the members of the once popular IMAGiNE piracy release group plead guilty to copyright infringement. In 2011, the P2P top group stopped distributing new CAM and TS releases, and the P2P world began speculating that maybe they had been caught. This proved true as rumor has it a rival P2P group sold them out to the MPAA which then turned to the authorities. The group ...

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BreakingTheLaw Unverified new user
'"Rather than use the search of his residence as a reason to reconsider his participation in the IMAGiNE Group and to end his role in the conspiracy to commit copyright crime, Defendant Cherwonik and his co-conspirators continued and accelerated their illegal conduct in defiance of the law," added United States Attorney Neil MacBride. '

God bless those defiant bastards
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One down 100's more up. Your (mpaa) winning alright.
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