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Analyst: iPhone 5S coming in June with 8 different colorways, Super HD screen

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According to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, Apple will release the iPhone 5S in June, breaking its recent pattern of unveiling the flagship in late September. Misek, who is known to be decently accurate about Apple's earnings and past iPhone info, says the new phone will have a "super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC," along with "possible updates that include an IGZO screen ...

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It appears even the MSM has gotten a bit tired of advertising the iJail devices to recruit more zombies to their religion.

I'll stick my foot up your ass.
I am so tired of see iCrap ads for something expected in the year 3000.

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Oh Crap now this means all the suckers that got the iPhone 5 will get the features they wanted in the last iPhone and the iPhone before that only to be disappointed when the iPhone 6 comes out less than a year later. But they will wait in long lines again and again for their iGadget

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if it doesn't have NFC it's not worth buying the thing.
Different colors like what? ipod or Nokia Lumia 920 .
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