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Opening Windows 8: 5 Security tips for using Microsoft accounts

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A major focus of Windows 8 is convincing users to login using a Microsoft account (formerly Live ID) rather than a traditional local account. A Microsoft account is a sort of portal to access various cloud services including 25GB of free storage via SkyDrive which is accessible directly through various apps in the new modern UI. While it certainly makes some things much more convenient, ...

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sorry i still don't trust it because windows live id's are so easy to hack that i wouldn't want my data on a cloud server handled by microsoft when the same thing could happen again until microsoft is confirmed secure no thank you

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Dont care for windows 8 anyway............
Tip Number 1: Uninstall Windows
Tip Number 2: Install Linux
Tip Number 3: Pick Nose
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Steps 3 and 5 are really the only ones that matter. Any password no matter the length or complexity can be found the same way. If a companies database is hacked there's no protection the end user can use to prevent it (aside from step 3 of course) brute force password cracking is a thing of the past.
Utkarsh98 Unverified new user
hey i hv laptop ,when i opens my windows 8 it automatically gets locked
after when i press my turn on/off button that time it shows the locked screen and until unless i don't click on my account it doesn't opens
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