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Redbox streaming service to cost $8 per month

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Redbox has launched its new Netflix rivaling streaming service. Dubbed Redbox Instant, the service will debut in beta this month and go live in 2013. The service will cost $8 per month, the same as Netflix. Additionally, users get four free DVD rentals per month from the company's thousands of kiosks. If you prefer Blu-rays, the service is $9 per month instead of $8. For launch, ...

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I'm not impressed with Redbox's selection of movies so for me Netflix would still be the way to go for low quality streaming which I'm not a fan of to begin with. But it is good to see that there is some competition starting up for sure...
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Well let's see what they offer and the quality of the streams. Maybe an alternate for variety, in the 8$ a month range.
Well, all I gotta say about this is good luck, cause you're going to need it guys!

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Here is the problem motion picture studios still limit what netflix and what redbox will be able to show so the same movies that are on one service will still be on the other so whats the point
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