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Images of BlackBerry 10 UI appear

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Thanks to Tinthe and their early dev L-series BlackBerry phone, we have a plethora of BlackBerry 10 UI screenshots. The hardware itself is said to look similar to most new smartphone models, but then again we have only seen prototypes. In the screenshots, we get a good feel for the new OS, which is RIM's first real entry into the modern smartphone OS wars dominated by just two, Android ...

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Looks like the took their inspiration from Gingerbread... didn't think to see what Androids done since then though it seems.
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Yes, Qliphah. It looks like they took Motoblur (or some other shitty overlay) and mashed it together with Sense 4; so, already dated and pretty terrible.

Final nail in the coffin, surely.

What? It has icons all in a row and screens that scroll. That can't be? Apple is gonna sue because you know they invented that.


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Soon we will see this in Playstore. 'BB10 UI'

Well if it still takes 5 minutes to boot from cold, freezes requiring a battery change, usb port failing from static etc then I dont think so......The only reason I kept my Torch 9800 was for the phenomenally good Camera... apart from that ..sorry Rim but your time is past...
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