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Nintendo Power publishes last issue

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'Nintendo Power' has published its last issue this month, #285 dating back to 1988. The issue is 96 pages and features a modern remake of the company's first-ever issue, which including the now iconic clay sculpture of Mario. Created by artist Leslie Levings, the magazine asked the artist to pay homage to the original cover. Although she never owned an NES or a sub to Nintendo Power, ...

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I like how the flag on the right side of the magazine symbolizes the end of their publications...Even if you never subscribed, you still can't help feel nostalgic over such a symbolic magazine halting production.

Also, this comic is in the final issue. Quite touching:

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I have all those issues in my spare bedroom in boxes somewhere. Heck I even have pre Nintendo Power when it was called fan club mag or something. Ah memories back when I loved video games, no more for me these days.
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