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New GTA V screenshots show off sharks, submarines

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Rockstar Games has revealed some more screenshots for their upcoming GTA V game, revealing even more vehicles and animals. The game, which is destined to be a blockbuster, will include multiple protagonists and an open world so large it is said it could fit the maps of San Andreas, GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption in it in their entirety. With its new screenshots, the publishers have ...

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This game looks promising. I just want to enter the cheats and see how much damage I can cause XD

I wonder how it will compare in sales to CoD Black Ops 2...

It is a shame they are "considering" to release it for PC.
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passenger jets are flyable vehicles, as well as submarines.

I thought submarines went in water not in the sky. lol. I hope they do make it on pc as I would buy it for the modding and custom music.
passenger jets are flyable vehicles, as well as submarines.

lol, must be some advanced cheat code =P
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loving it
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