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Fifth-gen iPad just three months away?

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According to normally accurate Macotakara, Apple is preparing its fifth-generation full-sized iPad for launch in March. The new device will be even thinner and lighter than the previous models, at 4mm smaller height and 2mm smaller deepness. Design will be switched to have the tablet look more like the recently launched iPad Mini - which offers a somewhat redesigned bezel and sleek ...

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The new device will be even thinner and lighter than the previous models

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New iPad owners may be upset by this as the fourth-gen was just released in November, offering upgrades from the third-gen model released in the Spring.
Ya think?

There absolutely isn't any innovation in Apple anymore. Apple is just making things bigger and thinner. This past year, it is been about size and thickness of their products. They don't know what else to do but play around with the size of the screen.
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Why is Apple even trying this on its customers? Do you not think that they will catch on eventually to all the 3 month upgrade BS that's spattered on their websites! Wow, you must get this! It means your mother's/sister's/grandma's life they can't cook anymore without it! Nooooooo! LOL

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