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Netflix streaming is back up

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Last night, some Netflix fans were met with bad news; their streaming service was not available to them on Christmas Eve. The issue was thanks to Amazon Web Services, which is the massive cloud hosting service owned and operated by, you guessed it, Amazon. Issues were stemming from the AWS center in Virginia, the same center that went down earlier this year causing downtime for thousands ...

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Amazon Prime was also affected intermittently last night... just couldn't win.
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Didn't know Amazon's cloud service hosted the Netflix content........fascinating.
Originally posted by hearme0:
Didn't know Amazon's cloud service hosted the Netflix content........fascinating.

Yeah it's kind of ironic that Amazon's servers actually are the drive force behind Netflix, and btw, if Prime's services was down, it was only a very small amount that did, not enough to report about it by the looks of it...

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Great to know that Netflix is back up!!
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