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Apple drops Galaxy S III Mini from patent lawsuit

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Apple has agreed to drop Samsung's recent Galaxy S III Mini from its ongoing patent-infringement lawsuit against the company. The tech giant will withdraw the smartphone from the case as Samsung has made it clear that they will not sell the device in the United States, instead choosing to sell it in Europe and Asia and parts of Africa. Apple won a case in the nation back in August ...

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By imitating the remarkable S3 in design terms, Samsung may have shot itself in the foot. The handset looks like it should be a smaller version of a great phone, but in fact it is cut down not just in size and that’s bound to dissatisfy many people. If you take that and then put the phone against something like the less expensive and better featured Google Nexus 4 then there’s really no contest.
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Aww come on the likes of htc have done this for ages with popular flagship phones, if you want a proper s3 buy one.
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