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New batch of Chinese Lumia 920s sell out in 20 minutes

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A new report out of China claims that demand for Nokia's latest flagship has not waned. After initial batches sold out in the nation within 24 hours, the report claims that a new batch sold out in just 20 minutes. Queues were formed at the flagship Nokia store in Shanghai, and those on line even had to book their spot ahead of time to guarantee it. Additionally, the phone was made ...

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Idk...maybe they only had a 100 phones. The report carries no weight telling everyone that the phones sold out in 20 minutes. How many phones can a person sell in 20 minutes? Maybe 50-70 phones? And maybe 5 cashiers that day? About 250? A 1000 at best? That's not a lot....
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These are actually pretty nice. I tossed my Galaxy Nexus for a Nokia Lumia 710 until the next round of Android superphones arrive, and I really like it.

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